commercial break: Thrill The World – Lorain

October 26 2013 – – 5:00pm est

Ghouls and ghoulettes of all ages are preparing to Thrill the World.

Be part of a world-wide, simultaneous dance to Michael Jacksons “Thriller”!!
Here’s how:

Learn the dance…
Dance Workshops
Proceeds from the dance workshops benefit
MoveIt! Dance Project and the Downtown Lorain Christmas Council

Learn online

You must learn the version of the dance that is taught at the workshops and at the above website in order to participate on “Thrill Day”.

Register for the Dance.
You may register at one of the dance workshops.
Or Register on “Thrill Day” – October 26.

Thrill Day
2:00pm – 5:00pm

Get Zombiefied by professional Special Effects make-up artists – Cost $5 – $10

Where: 637 Broadway – home of Downtown Lorain Christmas Council

4:30pm – Dance Registration and Pre-Dance Photo

Follow the howl to Wickens Place Dance Site (across from City Hall)

$3 registration fee / singles please
proceeds benefit Downtown Lorain Christmas Council

5:00pm – Dance Begins at EXACTLY 5:00pm ! !
Please arrive at least 45 minutes before dance time.

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