Working towards a cleaner Lorain and Ohio

Working towards a cleaner Lorain and Ohio

Howdy folks! Gus from Environment Ohio here. Thanks to Lisa for allowing us spread the word about what we’re doing on this fantastic site! This fall we have a fantastic chance to take on carbon emissions from power plants across the country by building support for the EPA’s proposed carbon pollution rules, that would limit emissions for the first time ever. We’re doing tons of exciting things right here in Lorain, including gathering petitions (we’re at 1200+ and counting), writing letters, and organizing rallies across the state. Here we see ace volunteer Crystal discussing the campaign in front of the Lorain Public Library on our visibility day a few weeks ago. We collected more than 200 petitions that day, along with 100+ photo petitions. If you’re interested in finding out more about our big fall campaign, or how you can help Environment Ohio with future campaigns to protect Lorain’s environment and future, don’t hesitate to contact us at We typically meet on Tuesdays at 7PM at El Centro (2800 Pearl Ave) to talk campaign updates, upcoming events, and more. Make sure to watch this space for campaign highlights throughout the fall! -Gus

2 replies to “Working towards a cleaner Lorain and Ohio

  1. With all due respect, Gus- the EPA is KILLING business in this country and global warming or climate change is a big canard designed to transfer our wealth around the world. I wish I still lived in Lorain so you and I could discuss at your El Centro meeting :-).


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