target practice

target practice

While not located in the best area, nobody should have to live with this in their neighborhood.

This doozy belongs to Ed & Juanita Holleran.
2214 W23 Holleran Ed Juanita 01
2214 W23 Holleran Ed Juanita 02[screenshots from Lorain County Auditor’s website]

Their Broadview Heights home belongs to the bank. Their three Lorain properties can’t be far behind.
1211 Valley Pkwy 01
[screenshot from Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer’s website]

Holleran Lorain search

4 replies to “target practice

        1. I’ll have to go down there and check that out. I didn’t notice anything down there the other day. This one probably still has a ways to go through the system before it achieves demolition status.


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