going to grandma’s house with Linda

Over on the Broadway Lisa post, fellow blogger Linda asked “Can you check out if 2715 Apple Avenue is still there? It should be near the old St. Stan’s church. That was the long time address of my maternal grandparents, Andrew and Josephine Zagorsky. Thank you.”

Linda, I’m happy to tell you that the house still stands and appears to be taken care of.
2715 Apple Ave 02

The sycamore tree dominates the view of the front of the house. I wonder if the tree roots have caused the hydrant to be red capped.
2715 Apple Ave 01

5 thoughts on “going to grandma’s house with Linda

  1. I don’t believe that’s the right house Lisa….Linda and I are cousins and our mother’s were raised in the house next to St Stan’s playground, built with the same type of bricks as the church, school and residence for the priest and nuns…….and I believe the house that linda was raised in, on arizona ave, was also constructed with the same type of bricks…..unless my memory has failed me completely.


  2. muley, I Googled the address before I went out there so I had an idea of what kind of house I was looking for. Every place I checked, including my buddy the County Auditor, showed me the house I posted. Zillow even gave me interior photos – http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2715-Apple-Ave-Lorain-OH-44055/34532382_zpid/ – and I was looking forward to asking Linda about that attic master bedroom with the full bath 🙂

    Could this be the house you’re thinking of? It is next door [to the south] of the house I posted. I really like the yellow brick houses 🙂


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